Meet the Team

Museum Staff

Adam C. G. Foreman MSc.

Adam has a Master of Science in Museum Education from the University of Glasgow and the Advanced Diploma with Honours in the Applied Museum Studies Program from Algonquin College.

Adam has been the Collection Manager of the museum artifacts since 2022. Since joining the museum he has used his expertise to care for the collection, update museum practices and forge new partnerships with the Hamilton area.  He works everyday to preserve the items in his care for all Canadians and the people of the world to enjoy.


The Erland Lee (Museum) Home could not function without the valuable support, guidance and experience our volunteers bring to the museum.

To the many local partners and organizations that work with us to keep our doors open and lights on, thank you for your continued support

To the Stoney Creek Garden Club and Horticultural Society that aids in the maintenance and upkeep of our grounds and heritage plants, We thank you from our roots to our blossoms for keeping our grounds looking beautiful.

Most of all, we would like to thank our many Women's Institutes volunteers.  Without them the stories we tell lose their meaning.

FWIO Office Staff

The Museum would also like to thank the dedicated and much appreciated help from the FWIO office staff.  Without the support of this excellent team what we do would not be possible.  We at the Erland Lee (Museum) Home thank you for your support and guidance.